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I only respond to persons who have identified themselves, as honest people do, by full name and contact details.

About my website

This is a draft of a better site that my favorite web designer, David, will do when he finally finds the time.

With my human companion, Miguel-Angel, we will publish information not only on me and on my aristocratic breed, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, but also on my friends: Evie, Rufus, Sebastian, Rocky, Corvette, Freddy, Maverick, Diva, Millie, Chloe, Maze, Schema, Portia, Messy, Oscar, Captain, Wonder, Blue Boy ... and their companions.

We will publish as well information on Greek philosophers who, appreciating our virtues, found in us a role model of honesty for mankind. I refer to Diogenes of Sinope, disciple of Antisthenes, who was himself a disciple of the wisest man ever, Socrates.

You will also find in these pages a selection of Poetry that dogs like me have inspired over the centuries to Poets, famous or unknown. As well as paintings, photography, sculpture and music, all inspired to artists around the world and throughout Time by the unique companionship between Dog and Man.

Enjoy the visit.
Best wishes to you all.

Please ask your Member of Parliament to enforce a Clinical Protocol to free dogs from the horrendous degenerative diseases caused in the UK by reckless breading

Pedigree Dogs Exposed [2 years investigation first shown in 2008 by BBC] on Vimeo.