by Photographer Marcus TATE

Florence & Wiston the Whippets

photos by Photographer Bethany Clarke
[November 2016]

Breakfast with Friends

[clockwise: Evie, the Toy Puddle; Morgan, the Dachshund; Harvey the English Cooker Spaniel and I, Argos, a British Cavalier
05 May 2016 after casting our votes to elect a new Mayor of London and Assembly representatives]

Milou with Violin, a new Cavalier friend

by Fabienne Pasquion

With my friend Castro, the Whippet

at Al Pancino Cafe and Restaurant -where fine dogs were welcome- in the Royal Borough of Greenwich

With Foxie at Kenwood House

A cat's visit to my terrace

Lily & Ernie, Belgian Griffons with Cavalier Bella

My friends in Hampstead Village, Summer 2013

Darcey, a new friend from Charlton
specially trained to help a deaf person

[photos 2013]

Rufus, the German Pointer

My friend Rufus, a German Longhaired Pointer

Rocky & Corvette

My friends Corvette & Rocky at their Greenwich home
(from left to right, photo 2011 by Spencer)

My friend Corvette making her enjoyable piroutte to catch the ball
(a 2011 photo at the Royal Park of Greenwich, by Spencer)

With Maze

With my friend Maze in a park near our homes

Archie and Harry

In the Royal Park of Greenwich, February 2012

Me, enjoying the rear Garden
at Siddhartha House,
where I have to keep an eye on foxes that like to hyde food under my trees.

Esme a brave Japanese Chin from New York

International effort to save Esme

Dr Masima Uechi, the world leading Cardiologist who repaired the mitral valve of Esme and his "dad" Mr Dylan Raskin

Esme in a car with his "dad" Dylan

Dylan & Esme loving bond

London Mayor candidate holding me Argos in his arms

[Hon Zac Goldsmith MP with Argos, on the beautiful electoral morning of the 5th May 2016]


Pablo at his home in Greenwich [18 months old in February 2013]

My friend Rocky

(a 2011 photo taken at the Royal Park of Greenwich by Spencer)

My friend Corvette

(a 2011 photo taken at the Royal Park of Greenwich by Spencer)


My friend Rudy and me walking in The Royal Park of Greenwich during Christmas 2011


With my friend Sebastian in a park near our homes


My friend Oly walking in our neighborhood

Hector & KT

At home in Greenwich, February 2012

My friends of the AHOY Centre