My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,
It comes from the love in my dog's eyes.

My first year

I was very young, playing with friends.

Wearing a red jersey

Playing with pebbles while landscaping one of my gardens

Enjoying the sun in one of my gardens

My second year

At my home on a sunny day, resting on the terrace
between the olive tree and my pond.

Watching from a window at home, a rainy day.

My third year

Walking on the beach a cloudy winter day

Exploring the beach among the dunes

Me on the sea

Enjoying a promenade on St Nicholas' garden

My fourth year

My fifth year

My sixth year

At Kenwood a Summer day

Walking in Hampstead

Investigating in the wood

Best friends

'In the arms of my best companion', by Nicolas-Alexandre [2009]

'With my best companion at the Pub' by Legedin [31 Oct 2012]

My seven year 2014/15
With a best friend at the beach

April 2014

My eight year

My ninth year

23rd April 2017, my ninth birthday

Enjoying a Japanese Garden from my carrier

[Summer Nap at one of my gardens, Homer House]

My tenth year

Breakfast at a local pubs

From my sojourn in Japan,
March & April 2018

Sleeping a nap on a couch at Lala House, my home in Yokohama, Tokyo (March 2018)

Bravely standing up after 6 hours of heart surgery at Jasmine Veterinary Cardiovascular Medical Center, 9th April 2018

With best friend during my 3 visits per day at Jasmine Clinic, after heart surgery

My eleventh year

From my sojourn in Japan,
March, April & May 2018

Sojiji Budhist Temple, one of the many beautiful temples I visited in Japan, May 2018

Buddhist temple & cemetery near Lala House

My twelfh year

Enjoying a nap at home

My thirteenth year

[At my Olive Tree in St Nicholas, July 2020]

My fourteenth year

With my good friend Darwin, the Shiba Inu from Osaka, Japan
[photo by Mami Miyamura]

Dreaming, on one of my beds, a lazy morning at Siddhartha House

[Gilberto Gil interprets
'VocĂȘ e Eu' (Carlos Lyra)]