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About us: Ms. Silvia BARON SUPERVIELLE

Writer and translator, born in Argentina but living in Paris..
Former cultural officer at the Argentinean Embassy in France, Paris.
In the 90 she has translated works from Marguerite Yourcenar, Macedonio Fernández and Jorge Luis Borges into French.
Earlier, in the 80, Silvia knew and appreciated the translations of Borges by Miguel-Angel Meizoso, she praised them as a work of true love.
Among her books: Tours de silence, suivi de "De l'invisible et du visible", Essais pour un espace, La Ligne et l'ombre, Cantiques du chemin, Pages de voyage, Une simple possibilité, L´or de l´incertitude (The Gold of Uncertainty), etc.

[Photos: Silvia Baron Supervielle and the St Louis island in Paris where she still lives as Meizoso did during the 80']

"Dear Miguel Angel,

...I want to tell you my affection and to express my support.
No battle is ever lost. Sometimes one wins not exactly that we fight for, but is the cause is fair, like it is in your case, one always win.

One wins from the very beginning because it is a triumph over hypocrisy, and, that for each of us in our marginal lives of everyday, in our everyday freedom, in our wonderfully alone life.

Thus we are all with you, at your side, walking with you, only that we do not have your courage, we do not dare to speak out, as you bravely do, we do not want to be noticed, yet we may not be right.

...With my very friendly thoughts and deep sympathy, thanks for giving me this courage.

I send you a kiss.

signed Silvia Baron Supervielle,
in Paris, 11 June 1990."
[extract from a handwritten letter]

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