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About us: Mrs. Carol HALL HART

Consultant Clinical Psychologist for the National Heath Service,
former Head of Primary Care Services at Scunthorpe NHS Trust, UK

"To whom this may interest:

Ii is a pleasure to provide a reference for Dr. Miguel-Ángel Meizoso. Dr Meizoso has over twenty years of psychology experience, namely in the clinic of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and in Primary Care. Actually he has a very good knowledge of the National Health Service in the U.K.

I have known Dr Meizoso since May 1990 when I selected him for a post within my service. Since that time I have been greatly impressed by his extensive clinical knowledge and creative psychological approach which is also resource in classical humanism, philosophy and the arts. Since we have kept regular contact and discussed various clinical matters. From January 1991 Dr. Meizoso, who started consulting within the Scunthorpe psychology services, initiated an innovative clinical service (Direct Care initiative) which offers a model to resolve waiting list problems and to offer immediate access to patients. (His experience in France also involved service planning and development.)

Dr Meizoso is an excellent psychologist. He provided clinical assessments of patients, psychotherapy, crisis intervention, direct services to G.P:´s medical practices, etc. He has successfully treated patients presenting with a wide range of acute disorders, producing rapid improvements and sustaining a very heavy caseload. He has also provided teaching, training and supervision. He is enthusiastic, innovative and pragmatic at work. I hold in high esteem his professional competence, dedication and ethical integrity. His attendance record was impeccable and he did not take any sick leave.

With regard to Dr. Meizoso´s professional qualifications, he held important clinical responsibilities in the French Health Service and has been teaching, continually, psychology in different countries, including Spain. He has exceptional recommendations from psychology authors who have made major contributions over the last decades, including Dr. Maud Mannoni (who is Dr. Meizoso´s clinical supervisor).

Also it may be useful to be aware that, enforced by the Parliament and "in accordance with the Regulation (EEC) No 2194/91, Spanish citizens have the freedom to work or to provide services in any Member State. Furthermore, the Directive 89/48/EEC enables a professional from one Member State to become a member of the equivalent profession, if it is regulated in another State (this was the case in France and applies to Dr Meizoso), without having to requalify.

May I stress that Dr Meizoso brings to work an extraordinary humanist background enabling forward-thinking and coherent action on psychological matters; as is demonstrated by his teaching in psychology, for example in the seminar at The Cardinal Hume Centre. In other words to employ Dr Meizoso represents a formidable opportunity to enrich any institution and to make a significant contribution to Public Health Services.

Yours faithfully,

signed Carol Hart M. Sc., C. Psychol., AFBPsS
in London, May 1995"

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