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About us: Mr. Claude de DONCKER

Former Chief Executive of Psychiatric Public Services of Brittany, [Hospital Order of St. Jean de Dieu], Léhon, France
Chief executive of the Medical and Pedagogic Clinic Dupré, Paris (Sceaux) of the Health Foundation of Students of France, etc

"Monsieur the President
[Charles Josselin, president of the region of Côtes d'Armor, France]:

You know the efforts that the institution has unfold for the good management and the improvement of the Mental Health Public Services with the innovative Psychotherapeutic complex Broussais (night and day hospitals plus ambulatory services).

I am glad to inform you that the Health Authority is grateful for the excellent results, that is to say the Brittany Health Services and the Social Security as well. They both rejoice for the budgetary positive balance (after many years of bad results) and for the activity of the Psychotherapeutic complex that improves so much the Public Services of the Sector.

I recall this Sector is under the medical responsibility of Dr. Gentizon, Medical Chief who has very much wanted the success of the hospitals.

In order to allow an everlasting success of this initiative in the best possible conditions, and at the request of Dr. Gentizon (please find enclosed his letter) I have confirmed the status of Miguel-Ángel Meizoso, a psychoanalyst and psychologist, as head of district, entrusted by the Sector to the clinical direction of the Complex Broussais, under the sole authority of the Medical Chief of the Sector.

Therefore I trust to have answered positively to your wish for the success of the institution of which you Chair the Executive Board.

The forthcoming change of administration that will occur in these hospitals should not destroy the harmony we have reached so laboriously thanks to the fecund cooperation that has already demonstrated its efficacy.

You will find enclosed for information the new permanent contract of Monsieur Meizoso.

Wishing good reception of these documents please accept, Monsieur the President, my kind regards.

signed Claude de Doncker, Chief Executive, in Léhon, France, July 1982."

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