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About us: Dr. L. A. TAN

General Practitioner, at The Hollies Surgery for the National Health Service of the United Kingdom and for private practice.
Dr Tan speaks English, Chinese and Malay.
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" ...I am a General Practitioner, partner at "The Hollies" Surgery in Benfleet in Essex. I have been a GP for six years and had worked in the community at Hadleigh for the whole of this time...

The psychology department at Runwell Hospital provided by Dr Gonzalez has been an excellent service for our local community..

I referred adult patients to Dr Gonzalez for specialist psychological assessments..

Although the service required a referral by a GP, the patients referred would be sent a questionnaire to complete. Depending on the information provided by the patients, their cases were placed in categories depending upon priority of need. Our patients found this approach extremely useful as it gave them a certain degree of control over their problems.

I received feedback from my patients which indicated that there was a great deal of satisfaction from the service. My patients were seen quite quickly and their problems dealt with appropriately. I never received any complaints from my patients about the service provided by Dr. Gonzalez and as far as I am aware, there were no complaints about his service from other patients or GP's.

...signed Dr L A Tan, in Essex, the 25th October 2001"
[extract from a longer statement]

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