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Journalist, editor of Focus on the Arts, in The Evening Telegraph

"Doctor presents poem to Queen:

A world expert on one of the Spanish leading literary figures made an historic presentation to the Queen (HM Elizabeth II) when she visited Scunthorpe General Hospital.

Dr. Miguel-Angel Meizoso-Gonzalez has been acclaimed for his translations of poems by Sir Jorge Luis Borges, the Argentinean born writer and psychologist of British decedent.

Dr Gonzalez said he was inspired to translate one of Borges' poems ("To a certain Island", dedicated to England) in honour of the Royal visit and the Queen's recognition of the writer's genius.

Borges received a Royal honour when he was made a Knight of the British Empire some years before his death in Geneva (14 June 1986).

Dr. Gonzalez who is working in the clinical psychology department at the hospital, presented the translation in person during the Queen's Scunthorpe visit.

The 40 years old doctorate of psychology, theology and social sciences was also born in Buenos Aires but has retained his Spanish citizenship while living in Paris and now in Britain.

He has lectured on Borges' works in Paris and Oxford (among many others cities of America and Europe).

The writers works include The Book of Imaginary Beings, A Universal History of Infamy or Doctor Broodier's Report - brief but intense works which have been the inspiration for modern European writers, including Italo Calvino and Umberto Eco who is the famous author of The Name of the Rose (a tribute to Borges).

Dr. Gonzalez told the Evening Telegraph that "To a certain Island" (How to invoke you, delicate England? ...), a poem from Borges last book "La Cifra" ("The Cipher") touched me very deeply.

The Evening Telegraph, 1993."

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