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About us: Dr. Jean AYME

Psychiatrist, President of the Union of Hospital Psychiatrists,
Medical Chief of the Center Henri-Rousselle at the Sainte Anne Hospitalier Center of Paris (in the photos),
Dr Ayme invited Dr Jacques Lacan to teach from his Service when the International Psychoanalytical Association ex-communicated Lacan for promoting a return to Sigmund Freud; among his most distinguished patients was the philosopher Louis Althusser.
Dr Jean Ayme is the author Chronicles of Public Psychiatry [«Chroniques de la Psychiatrie Publique»] and of History of institutional Psychotherapy [«Essai sur l'histoire de la psychothérapie institutionnelle»] and a leading personality of its practice.

"To whom this may interest:

Elsewhere I have acknowledged my excellent opinion about the professional qualifications of Miguel-Ángel Meizoso-González as a clinical Psychologist, opinion that I confirm. ...

Actually our relationship begun in 1981. We were studying the project of Centre for psychological assistance to the refugees in France, specially for those suffering from the tortures of the South American dictatorships. From that moment we establish a professional relationship and I have followed the clinical work done by Meizoso at the Centre Broussais in Brittany.

I hold in high esteem the ethical courage he has shown in facing beaurocratic resistance, mechanism that are often a cause of mental illness which our duty is to resolve.

I can add, base on factual evidence and documents, that his clinical work was very much appreciated by the Medical Chief of his Psychiatric Sector and by the French Health Authorities.

He has been appointed Head of a district ("Assistant du Secteur") and entrusted the clinical direction of a Mental Health Centre composed by four Services: a Day and a Night hospitals, a Post-Cure House and a Medical-Psychological dispensary. Whereas he showed a solid education as well as great professional skills in treating all types of psychopathologies and in producing the necessary adaptation of the public institution and of the puri-disciplinary mental health teams for therapeutic action.

Moreover, Dr. Meizoso has been a Psychologist followed by his own Sector´s Medical Chief (a quite pioneering fact when you know that, contrary to the Anglo-Saxon tradition, in France psychologists still remain - in public health services - subordinated to the psychiatrists).

Concerning his university studies done overseas, since long time we have exchanges with colleagues trained in Buenos Aires. Thus I can state that they enjoy the best esteem in our professional community, because of the seriousness of their theoretical and practical formation.

We should conclude that Meizoso should be welcome by British clinical psychologists. I am persuade that, along with his love for the language of Shakespeare, Meizoso will made a valuable contribution to your public health services.

signed Dr. Jean Ayme, in Paris, June 1992"

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