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About us: Dr. Maud MANNONI
(Netherlands 1923- Paris 1998)

French State Doctor ès Letters and Human Sciences
Founding President of Espace Analytique, International Center for Psychoanalytical Studies and Researches, Paris
Founding President of the Experimental School and Day Hospital of Bonneuil-upon-Marne, France (treating autistic pathologies)
Director of the collection Espace Analytique of Denoël Publishing House, Paris
Author of numerous articles and books ("La passion d´être et la folie de savoir: Freud, les Anglo-saxons et Lacan", "Un lieu pour vivre", "La théorie comme fiction", "Éducation impossible", "L'Enfant arriéré et sa mère" (1964), "Le premier rendez-vous avec le psychanalyste" (1965), "L'Enfant, sa « maladie » et les autres" (1967), "Elles ne savent pas ce qu'elles disent" (an excellent study on Virgina Wolf), etc.
Dr. Mannoni was a leading Member of the Freudian School in times of its founder Dr. Jacques Lacan. Dr Mannoni was invited by Donald Winnicott and Ronald David Laing to work with them in London when she was in her earlies twenties and they have established a life long friendship. She was an eminent member of the International Psychoanalytical Association.

[In the photos: Dr. Maud Mannoni at her private consultation room in Paris; below Dr Donald Winnicott with a child and Ronald David Laing]

"To whom this may interest:

I commend Miguel-Ángel Meizoso-González as a clinical Psychologist, a Psychoanalyst and a teacher.

I have known Meizoso for several years now. He led a charitable project to assist in France survivors of the South-American dictatorships, survivors of torture requiring psychological rehabilitation.

The clinical work accomplished by Meizoso at the Center of Psychotherapy Broussais in Brittany has been in every point remarkable.

Thus he was promoted, a psychoanalyst (something yet very rare), to top positions of responsibility in a district of public hospitals and entrusted the clinical direction of an innovative Mental Health Center, where Meizoso proved his great professional skills.

He has also deserved the recognition of the professional community for his pedagogic gifts.

I am persuade that Meizoso will make valuable contributions where ever he may work."

signed Maud Mannoni, in Paris, June 1992.


Meizoso wants to state his gratitude for having the opportunity to learn from Maud Mannoni (and from Octave Mannoni) since the age of 14, when he started studying Psychoanalysis. From 1981 Dr. Mannoni was his didactic mentor and was also Meizoso´s clinical supervisor until her death in 1998. All along those many creative years, which started working in mental health during War World II, and beyond her life, Dr. Mannoni, an extraordinary intelligent, universally educated, kind woman and ethical citizen of the Earth, was an inspiring teacher, friend and guide of all those who came to her.

Watch and listen (in French) the interview to Julia Kristeva, on Maud Mannoni and her School a, by Caroline Deschamps.

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