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About us: Dr. Patrick-Daniel Baudet
(Bordeaux 1957 - Paris 1993)

Doctor in Philosophy, distinguished Hellenist and author of several philosophical works, among them a study on suicide in St Augustine´s works.
Fellow of the prestigious École Normale Supérieure de Paris
Associate Professor of the University of Paris, in charge of courses at the École Normale Supérieure
Professor at the Lycée Voltaire d´Orlèans,
and has worked in the secretariat of the Institute of France (Institute de France), founded by Cardinal Richelieu, Paris.
Like the eminent philosopher Michel Foucault, Baudet has been resident of the prestigious Foundation Thiers (Centre of Studies and Humanist Research).
He also was befriended and worked with the worldwide famous philosopher Jacques Derrida, cofounder with the philosopher Jean-François Lyotard of the International College of Philosophy.

[Photos: High Normal School and Insitut of France]

"To whom this may interest:

I have known Miguel-Ángel Meizoso from a long time and it is with great pleasure that I acknowledge not only his skills in Psychology and in clinical matters -they have already been praised by eminent personalities on those fields- but as a philosopher and as a friend, gifted with outstanding intellectual and human qualities revealed to me over the years.
Dr. Meizoso possesses the extended erudition and discernment of interpretation which in Freud´s works shown their powerful contribution to psychosomatic medicine. His curiosity is universal. He has been remarked by his deep knowledge of Literature, classic and contemporary (in particular of Jorge Luis Borges´works).
Moreover, his intelligence -far from limiting itself to readings- is enriched by the experience of a traveler and a word citizen, sensible to all arts and willing to observe empirically.
Last but not least, Dr Meizoso is a man of initiative and of resolution. Collaborating with him at Detours de Babel and the review Arts & Co., I appreciate his sense of organization and executive spirit.
These precious gifts make of Miguel-Ángel Meizoso a broad humanist psychologist of whom will be proud any institution which may employ his services.

signed Baudet, in Paris, February 1992."

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