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About us: Dr. Roger Ph. GENTIS

Doctor in Psychiatry, Psychoanalyst
retired Head of Psychiatric Hospitals of France, at Orleans.
Emeritus member of Espace Analytique (founded by Dr Maud Mannoni), France.
Patron of The Second Renaissance (Fondazione Internacionale Verdiglione), Italy.
Author of several books on psychiatry and psychoanalysis and, from those sciences perspectives, unto works of Art.
Patron of The Friends of Jorge Luis Borges Worldwide Society.
Otherwise, like Lacan or Borges, Gentis is also a poet and wrote for the famous review La Quinzaine littéraire, founded in 1966 -and directed since- by Maurice Nadeau who has also published some of Dr. Gentis´ books.

"To whom this may interest:

I want to let know my opinion on my friend Miguel-Ángel Meizoso-González ...

I met Meizoso over ten years ago at the Center for Psychoanalytical Studies and Researches where we both take part. From that time we had often met and we have exchanged an important correspondence concerning our clinical experience, also on arts and literary subjects.

It means that I highly appreciate the level of erudition of Meizoso, and base in our communications, I think he is very learned on clinical and therapeutic matters concerning psychiatric patients, and particularly psychotics with whom I had myself undertaken research work over several years.

Otherwise, it should be highlighted that my psychiatric colleague Dr. Gentizon did not hesitate to entrusted him the clinical direction of the Psychotherapeutic complex Broussais (day and night hospitals as well ambulatory services). He who knows the contemporary developments of the French Public Psychiatric Services, understands clearly that such a high responsibility involved the treatment of illness extremely diverse, regarding the age as well as the pathology, and is indeed a strait forward acknowledgements that the skills and the talents of Meizoso are undeniably very vast.

On the account of the university qualifications of Meizoso, I think that I am well informed about the circumstances in Argentina (where he first qualified); I had been in touch over 30 years with another friend, Dr Salomon Resnik and with many other Argentinean psychoanalysts, psychologists and psychiatrists. Many found refuge in France during the military dictatorship. The level of training dispensed at Buenos Aires match the French universities and most of our Argentinean colleagues had no problem in being recognized in equal terms in our professional circles.

Thanks for the consideration you may pay to my statement.

signed Gentis, in Paris, June 1992."

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