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About us: Dr. Victor George William Alexander CROWHURST

General Practitioner, partner since 1980 at National Health Services surgeries in the United Kingdom.
Dr Crowhurst is a member of The Most Venerable Order of The Hospital of Saint John in Jerusalem, which runs St John Ambulance in many countries and is the UK leading Fist Aid, Care and Transport Charity.
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" ...I am a General Practitioner, partner at the Westborough Road and Cluny Square surgeries in Essex. I have been a GP for over twenty years since 1980....

Between 1998 and 2000 I referred many of my patients to Dr. Gonzalez. We did not have a computerised system at the time and so it is difficult to calculate exactly how many patients I actually referred. However, I know that it was approximately four or five patients every month...

In cases where he was able to complete the therapies, his results were remarkably good. In fact, they far exceeded the expectations that I had based on my previous experience of psychology treatment carried out by others. In particular, he was able to manage a far greater caseload than other colleagues and consequently, more and more of the patients in my practice were seen.

I would often enquire of the patients how the treatment was going and they were always very enthusiastic, advising that it was doing them good. None of my patients ever complained about the treatment that received from Dr. Gonzalez, in fact I do not know of any patients that complained about his service.

At one point, Dr Gonzalez approached me about using space in my surgery for his work. He suggested that this would be for the benefit of the patients who would be spare the 8 mile journey to the hospital. We agreed that it would be a good idea and he did this for approximately four months. The system worked excellently and the patients were always very happy. Dr. Gonzalez was also able to see the patients of other doctors who were local to my surgery. ...

signed Dr Victor G. Crowhurst, in Essex, England, the 1st November 2001"
[extract from a longer statement]

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