[Pulse en la pantalla arriba para ver en Democracy Now un fragmento de la entrevista -en inglés- de Amy Goodman a Robert Fisk sobre las tragedias en Iraq, Afganistán y Palestina]

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Bernie Sanders' Deconstructs Trump's Speech To Congress

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Feminist Icon Camille Paglia warned a year ago: Democrats Who Prophesy A Hillary Landslide Over Trump Are Blowing Smoke
...Hillary is a stodgily predictable product of the voluminous briefing books handed to her by a vast palace staff of researchers and pollsters—a staggeringly expensive luxury not enjoyed by her frugal, unmaterialistic opponent, Bernie Sanders (my candidate). Trump, in contrast, is his own publicist, a quick-draw scrapper and go-for-the-jugular brawler. He is a master of the unexpected… The massive size of Hillary’s imperialist operation makes her seem slow and heavy.
Trump is like a raffish buccaneer, leaping about the rigging like the breezy Douglas Fairbanks or Errol Flynn, while Hillary is the stiff, sequestered admiral of a bullion-laden armada of Spanish galleons, a low-in-the-water easy mark as they creak and sway amid the rolling swells...

Hora en San Francisco -

"Patriotismo es la virtud de los viciosos"
"América es el único país que ha ido de la barbarie a la decadencia, sin pasar por la civilización"
Oscar Wilde

'Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul this unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of statesmanship.'
President Theodore Roosevelt

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By conspiring against Bernie Sanders a corrupt "Democratic" Party helped the vitory of a dangerous Donald Trump

Camille Paglia on Hillary Clinton: ‘The woman is a disaster!’

Talking to Camille Paglia is like approaching a machine gun: madness to stick your head up and ask a question, unless you want your brain blown apart by the answer, but a visceral delight to watch as she obliterates every subject in sight. Most of the time she does this for kicks. It’s only on turning to Hillary Clinton that she perpetrates an actual murder: of Clinton II’s most cherished claim, that her becoming 45th president of the United States would represent a feminist triumph.
Not that Paglia was always opposed to the Clintons. She voted for Bill Clinton twice before becoming revolted by the treatment meted out to Monica Lewinsky: ‘One of the very first interviews I did here — the headline was “Kind of a bitch — why I like Hillary Clinton”. My jaundiced view of her is entirely the result of observing her behaviour. And last election, I voted for Jill Stein’s Green party. So I have already voted for a woman president.’

... read the full interview in The Spectator

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Its not about sexism: Camille Paglia on Trump, Hillarys restless bitterness and the end of the elites: We don't know if Trump can morph into a statesman. We do know the media/political class fears his threat to Hillary ... [+}

Enough with the Hillary cult: Her admirers ignore reality, dream of worshipping a queen :
Clinton voters overlook money lust, shadowy surrogates, sociopathic policy shifts, horrific overseas record. Why? ... [+]

Donald Trump wins US election: the world reacts ... [+]

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Trump beats Clinton to take White House ... [+]

For Russia and Putin, a Surprise Gift From America ... [+]

Obama a invité Trump jeudi à la Maison-Blanche ... [+]

Trump lanza en su primer discurso como presidente un mensaje de integración y agradecimiento ... [+]

The Middle East will present Donald Trump with a terrifying choice  and he won't be able to handle it: What does Trump actually do when these lands present a “threat” to the West? Dust off his anti-Muslim hatreds? Call up his mate Vladimir? Ask for an atlas? ... [+]

Our Revolution,
Launch Event with Bernie Sanders

... more at

Wake up America: Bernie Sanders would make the greatest administration for all working Americans and to change the world for the better.

The Clinton Mafia or how to become immensely rich using public office

'Clinton Cash' doc set to stir up controversy as it debuts at Cannes ... [+]

Center for Public Integrity's ICIJ rocks the world with Panama Papers
Center's ICIJ arm drives largest leak, biggest journalistic collaboration, triggering outrage and a resignation ... [+]

Sanders wins Wisconsin by another landslide

... more in MNSBC - New York Times - The Guardian
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Hillary Clinton taking big money for corporations ... [+]

Why the Panama Papers should be a US election issue ... [+]

Sanders made history with his New Hampshire primary win, also becoming the first non-Christian to win a state in a presidential primary ... [+]
Watch the New Hampshire full debate between Clinton vs Sanders:

Sanders wins in West Virginia Democratic primary

Media Moves to Silence Bernie Sanders Campaign

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Michel Moore's Endorsment of Bernie Sanders ... [+]

Sanders made history with his New Hampshire primary win on Tuesday night, also becoming the first non-Christian to win a state in a presidential primary ... [+]
Watch the New Hampshire full debate between Clinton vs Sanders:

Bernie Sanders wins Utah and Idaho ... [+]

Straight Talk From Bernie Sanders on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict ... [+]

Heres How Bernie Sanders Could Win the Nomination ... [+]

In Long Political Career, Sanders Relies on Son as a Constant Witness ... [+]

Sign the Petition to President Obama to ask Accountability on Torture

Reprieve is a group of international charities dedicated to assisting in the provision of effective legal representation and humanitarian assistance to impoverished people facing the death penalty at the hands of the state; to producing and publishing information about the use of the death penalty and to raising awareness more generally concerning human rights.

Martin Luther King Jr : "I have a dream"

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