Muslim pilgrims gathered in the city of Mina for the symbolic stoning of the devil, one of the rituals of the annual pilgrimage, Hajj, in Saudi Arabia.



From Saudi Arabia dictator Saleh orders a massacre on peaceful protesters

Munir al Mawri, a Yemeni analyst and a member of the Yemeni Opposition Council, speaking to Al Jazeera says they fear mass war crimes might be committed in the next few hours as capital Sana'a is in completely in darkness and all telecommunication and internet services have been shut down.
"The regime will try to take advantage of the situation as the whole world remains distracted by issues in Libya and Syria."
Al Mawri says the US is making a big mistake by taking a neutral stance and dealing with the crackdown as if it were a political crisis that can be solved by the opposition and the government.

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Major Yemen tribes join protesters.
Powerful tribal leaders, including those of the Hashid and Baqil, pledge to join protesters against the government.

Pressure on Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen's president, to resign has increased after the leaders of two of the country's most important tribes abandoned the president and joined the anti-government movement.
Tribal leaders, including those of the Hashid and Baqil, pledged on Saturday to join protests against Saleh at a gathering north of Sanaa, the capital.

"I have announced my resignation from the General People's Congress in protest at the repression of peaceful demonstrators in Sanaa, Taez and Aden," said Hashid tribal chief Sheikh Hussein bin Abdullah al-Ahmar, in reference to the ruling party.
The Hashids are considered Yemen's most powerful tribal confederation and include nine clans, among them the Sanhan, long a bulwark of Saleh's regime.
The announcement was warmly received by a large crowd of tribesmen, including members of Yemen's second largest tribe, the Baqil, who gathered for the meeting, a tribal source told the AFP news agency.
The two tribes announced they would support the popular uprising against Saleh, who has refused to step down after three decades in power, to chants of "the people want the fall of the regime!"
Al Jazeera's Hashem Ahelbarra, reporting from Sanaa, said: "The al-Ahmar family is the tribal leadership of the Hashid tribe, and if the entire family decides to join the anti-government protests then that is bound to be the biggest blow to the Saleh government.
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Yemen clerics urge unity government.
Influential group of clerics demand transitional unity government, as two demonstrators are shot in continuing violence.

A group of senior clerics in Yemen has called for the formation of a national unity government in order to save the country from chaos.
The influential figures are demanding a transitional unity government that would see the opposition represented in key ministries, followed by elections in six months.
They say the move would place Yemen in the same situation as Egypt and Tunisia, without suffering bloodshed.
Their comments on Thursday came amid fresh clashes between thousands of pro- and anti-government protesters in Sanaa, the capital.
Dozens of pro-democracy protesters, including two suffering gunshot wounds, have been injured in the confrontations.
"Police are trying to form lines to separate protesters and pro-government supporters - but they're also attempting to disperse crowds with live ammunition, a sign of the very tense situation in the capital ahead of calls for tomorrow's 'Friday of Fury'," said Hashem Ahelbara, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Sanaa.
Loyalists of the government wielding batons and daggers chased a group of protesters meeting at the city's university, witnesses said. At least five people were injured in the violence there.
Municipal vehicles ferried sticks and stones to the pro-government side, witnesses among the estimated 6,000-strong crowd said.
"President Ali Abdullah Saleh is meeting daily with powerful tribal chiefs in areas surrounding the capital, telling them he needs their support for this crucial moment," said Ahelbara.

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Yemen violence mounts in bid to remove President Saleh.
Police shoot dead protester in Aden, while students lead anti-government rally in Sana'a

Anti-government protests flared in Yemen for the sixth consecutive day, turning violent as protests sprang up across the country, spurred on by the resignation last week of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.

In Yemen's main southern city of Aden, security forces chased hundreds of people who took to the streets of Al-Mansura neighbourhood demanding the resignation of President Ali Abdallah Saleh. At least one protestor was shot dead by police as demonstrators hurled stones at police, set tyres and vehicles on fire and stormed a municipal building.
In the capital city, a student-led protest inside the gates of Sana'a University calling for an improved curriculum and the removal of the university dean turned into an anti-government rally when hundreds of other students flocked to the scene.
"The people want to overthrow the regime" and "Oh Ali, son of Saleh, your regime is no good," the protesters chanted, mirroring a growing sense of frustration that has been swelling in Yemen, the Arab world's poorest state.
A street battle broke out when a handful of armed Saleh supporters, mainly middle-aged men armed with batons, arrived in buses and began chanting government slogans.

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