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"He who reads a line of Borges
(re)discovers the best library..."

The photos above were taken in the Club Français of Buenos Aires, at an Event organised by our Society. From right to left we see: chairing the panel the poet Betina EDELBERG, Lady Firia EBERLE de KRAEPELEIN, Silvia Renée ARIAS, Sara Luisa DEL CARRIL, Gerardo LEHMANN y (entre el numeroso público, de pie, Jovita IGLESIAS


"If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him."
"...a bee puts to shame many an architect in the construction of her cells. But what distinguishes the worst architect from the best of bees is this, that the architect raises his structure in dreams before he erects it into a reality."
Karl Marx
"We must acknowledge that the doctrine revealed by Swedenborg is more moral and reasonable sound than a doctrine postulating a mysterious gift gotten, almost by chance, at the eleventh hour. To begin with, Swedenborg leads us to the practice of virtue in our lives."
J L Borges

The praxis of The Friends of Jorge Luis Borges Worldwide Society is organized in programs, each conceived as an instrument for educative, cultural and civic actions aiming to benefit new generations of mankind. Each one is an operative tools open to development and change depending on the circumstances and material possibilities.
The programs in progress are those presented in the following pages [please click on the title to open each page]:







The House of Asterion is our network of residences to host young artists and intellectuals in London

The International Foundation Can Mossenya - Jorge Luis Borges program is the restoration and development of the historic estate of Can Mossenya. In other words: the foundation´s goal is to renew the old infrastructures in order to resume with a rich spiritual and artistic heritage as an idyllic support for the education and promotion of new talents in the artistic, intellectual and civic fields.


The image on the screen above shows one of the events in celebration of Borges at the French Club of Buenos Aires organized by our Society in August 2003 and coordinated by the poet Betina Edelberg as chair of the Argentinean branch.
Among other lecturers the photo shows (clockwise): Miguel Eduardo Dolan (only half his body), Gerardo Lehmann, Sara Luisa del Carril, Silvia Renée Arias, Lady Firia Eberle de Kraepelien, Betina Edelberg (speaking) and (out of the frame) Dr. Luis Alberto Melograno Lecuna, Horacio Salas (then National Library director) and the editor Juan Antonio Lázara (whom you see in the photos below together with Lazara Sr, Chair of the Association of Friends of La Recoleta and Dra Betania Aprile from the City of Buenos Aires Government). On the left hand of the photo, we see Jovita Iglesias, lifelong assistant to Adolfo Bioy Casares and Silvina Ocampo, who stands up speaking from the audience.

Homage to Borges & Bioy
in Ave Quintana 222 & 263,
La Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

We also thanks the adhesion of:
Sra Dª Elisa Avelina Carrió, MP, founder of the ARI and of the Institute Hannah Arendt
Milagros del Corral, Deputy Assistant Director-General for Culture, Director of the Division of Arts and Cultural Enterprise; UNESCO
Fabián Bioy Casares, son of the writer and longlife friend of Borges.
Hugo Santiago, cineasta y coautor de J L Borges y A Bioy Casares.
Dra. Betania Aprile, Directora del Centre de Gestión y Participación de La Recoleta, Gob. Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Nicolás Helft, director for Villa Victoria Ocampo (UNESCO)
Jovita Iglesias, asistant of Silvina Ocampo and of Adolfo Bioy Casares.
And to the numerous persons of the audience who made this homage a success.
Our apologies to those who could not get in for lack of room.



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