Friends of Borges

"He who reads a line of Borges
(re)discovers the best library..."

Praxis : The international Seminar

Philosopher with youth
by Rosa S. Cambridge

"Education always begins by the example."

The International Seminar aims to promote the study of Borges' works as a thread of Ariadne to walk the labyrinth of Philosophy, Literatures and all fields of knowledge, as well as the influence of his works in fellow intellectuals and artists.

Other seminars and workshops will be dedicated to the study of the authors who have stimulated or influenced Borges work, for he truly was "a writer of writers"; as well as to the works of authors who are also patrons of The Friends of Jorge Luis Borges Worldwide Society.

We think it is of no use whatsoever to read an intellectual poet as Borges, if such a challenging companion does not awake the superior faculty of our human being and the light of the intellect guides the reader´s will towards a virtuous life. We follow thus Plato, the beloved disciple of Socrates, the wisest men ever by Apollo's world, of whom Borges is a also a disciple.

With this aim in perspective, we welcome those who, around the world, may be sincerely grateful to the intellectual poet par excellence that is Borges.

Once completed the first stage of the Master Plan, to protect and renew Can Mossenya estate of the International Foundation of the Friends of Borges, the Panoramic Auditorium Socrates and other installations will be employed in regular annual events such as for example:

  • Monthly Seminars,
  • St George´week & Book's Day (around the 23 April, Shakespeare´s Birthday and Cervantes´anniversary),
  • Summer events (from 14 June to 24 August), or
  • Hispanic Week (around Columbus Day).


Permanent Seminar

With Borges: the question of the soul
from Socrates to Lacan and beyond
coordinator: Dr. M A Meizoso-González
Permanent - Information & Booking

Borges photographed by Pepe Fernández

"Guided by the Word, as Freud indicates, strictly speaking psychoanalysis is a cure through love."

This is a seminar in the authentic sense of the word. A group partaking in study and open to every person professing a deep interest in the real thing psychology. Understanding, for such is our goal, with a good commitment to work out the mind, set as it is in quest of truth from the beginning. Meaning thus we resource tracing all idea in context, guided by the immortal works of Borges, as insightful reader and poet, from the wisdom of the Golden Age of humanity to its ultimate formulations in the teaching of Lacan.



En Paris, Francia

If you wish to support or take part in this program, please contact:
The Friends of Jorge Luis Borges Worlwide Society
Tel +44 7005 978 248 Fax +44 7005 978 146







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