Woody & his human companion

Woody is one of the dogs who survived the terrible fires in October 2017 devastating some 88 villages of Portugal
[Photo by Sarah, 2019]

Bella the Cavalier & Miette the Poddle

[Dogs of my Groomer Sally]

Lala cooling down in a hot day

[Yokohama, Japan, July 2019]

With Darwin, a Japanase friend in London

Milo, from Seattle, Washington, USA

I meet my friend Milo, a Dachshund/Bichon Frise, in Japan at Dr Uechi's Clinic, where he had heart surgery on 31st March 2018
Photo by Ashley

Lala of Yokohama, Japan

My beautiful Japanese friend Lala, born of Shibu & Pomeranian dogs (photo by Kiyomi, 2018)

Bailey of Long Island, NY

The brave and handsome Bailey, my friend from New York, a day after his heart surgery in Japan; he greatly helped us to prepare for mine.
[photo by Dr Madeline Martinez, 26th July 2017]


by Photographer Marcus TATE

Florence & Wiston the Whippets

photos by Photographer Bethany Clarke
[November 2016]

Breakfast with Friends

[clockwise: Evie, the Toy Puddle; Morgan, the Dachshund; Harvey the English Cooker Spaniel and I, Argos, a British Cavalier
05 May 2016 after casting our votes to elect a new Mayor of London and Assembly representatives]

With my friend Castro, the Whippet

at Al Pancino Cafe and Restaurant -where fine dogs were welcome- in the Royal Borough of Greenwich

With Foxie at Kenwood House

A cat visits my terrace

Lily & Ernie, Belgian Griffons with Cavalier Bella

My friends in Hampstead Village, Summer 2013

To better 'Lucy's Law', please ask your Member of Parliament to enforce a Clinical Protocol to free dogs from the horrendous degenerative diseases caused in the UK by reckless breeding

[2 years investigation first shown in 2008 by BBC]

Very few issues divide dog lovers as much as the question of whether or not breeding is something that should be done.
On one hand you have the so called pure breed enthusiasts who would not even consider anything other than a pedigree dog. On the other hand you have people screaming and yelling to stop all breeding altogether.
Both positions are equally wrong.
There was a time when breeding dogs was not about looks but about talent. Man needed dogs that could perform a certain task better than any other animal on earth. The original philosophy of dog breeding was "form follows function". That in fact is 100 percent correct. Let's say you wanted breed a dog with more power then you breed the most powerful males to the most powerful females. If you keep doing this then inevitably the dogs will start to look more and more muscular... "Form follows function".
When doggie beauty pageants became all the rage the opposite philosophy reared it's ugly head the first time...
This is, of course, completely ridiculous. People literally sat down and said: "What do we want this breed to look like?"
So then they decided to create these ridiculous standards which make no sense to anyone who truly understands dogs. The result was that sheep herding dogs who had been bred previously to be superior herders now could not herd anymore... Guard dogs could not guard anymore and so on...
The bulldog is a breed that used to have the ability to hold its own against a 2000 pound bull. I do not condone the atrocity of bull baiting. I am just trying to point out that doing battle with a 2,000 pound behemoth is a pretty severe test for a 60 pound animal. A challenge that can only be met by a dog that is 100 percent healthy, extremely powerful, athletic and brave beyond compare...
The bulldog of old was all of these things and more.
The AKC and the Kennel Club have taken this magnificent breed and reduced it to a fragile creature which is not able to breed without help, give birth naturally, run for more than a minute or even breathe without immense effort. This just breaks my heart. We took a superior warrior and completely healthy dog and turned it into a science experiment to see how many health issues can a dog have and still walk around this earth for a while.
There are those who believe that the wolf is the superior K9 and canis familiaris is nothing but a mistake man should have never made.
I will use certain breeds and their particular talents to illustrate what, without taking anything from the wolf at all, the dog is often much more than the equal to the wolf.
Canis familiaris has been specialized by man in order to make a particular breed superior to the wolf at a particular and SINGULAR task.
The greyhound is faster than the wolf...
The bloodhound has a better nose than the wolf...
The mastiff is more powerful than the wolf and so on...
The all around best survivor is the wolf but if he has to compete with "specialists" at any given task he is simply out of his league.
In closing...
If the right kind of breeding can produce dogs with talents that put all other animals to shame then I am all for it.
If beauty pageant breeding produces sad cripples just so people can marvel at their own "creations" regardless of what level of suffering this causes the dog, then it needs to stop.
Let us demand breeders to go back to the old breeding philosophy...
... more information in Pedigree Dogs Exposed - The Blog

Me, enjoying the rear Garden
at Siddhartha House,
where I have to keep an eye on foxes that like to hyde food under my trees.

[Cassandra Wilson interprets
'I'll be seing you']

Chloe, a friend from Australia

Chloe 16 years young, voting in London to resolve a purloined Brexit
[12 December 2019]

Bentley & Bailey from New York

[Bentley & Bailey at home in Long Island]

[Bentley in her car and a bit of Bailey next to her]

Maggie enjoying a sunny day

[June 2019]

Douce Gallairde chez les Drs Bozon à Versailles

11 December 2018

Darwin the Shiba Inu

18 December 2018

Esme a brave Japanese Chin from New York

Dr Masima Uechi, the world leading Cardiologist -who repaired the mitral valve of Esme in USA- with Esme's "dad" Mr Dylan Raskin

Esme in a car with his "dad" Dylan

Dylan & Esme loving bond

London Mayor candidate holding me Argos in his arms

[Hon Zac Goldsmith MP with Argos, on the beautiful electoral morning of the 5th May 2016]


Pablo at his home in Greenwich [18 months old in February 2013]

Rocky & Corvette

My friends Corvette & Rocky at their Greenwich home
(from left to right, photo 2011 by Spencer)

My friend Corvette making her enjoyable piroutte to catch the ball
(a 2011 photo at the Royal Park of Greenwich, by Spencer)

Darcey, a new friend from Charlton
specially trained to help a deaf person

[photos 2013]

Rufus, the German Pointer

My friend Rufus, a German Pointer


My friend Rudy and me walking in The Royal Park of Greenwich during Christmas 2011


With my friend Sebastian in a park near our homes


My friend Oly walking in our neighborhood

Hector & KT

At home in Greenwich, February 2012

With Maze

With my friend Maze in a park near our homes

Milou with Violin, a new Cavalier friend

by Fabienne Pasquion

Archie and Harry

In the Royal Park of Greenwich, February 2012

Shema the Whippet

My dog loves your dog
by JezZ LaWeeZ trio

My friends of the AHOY Centre