HOMER HOUSE, contemporary rooms to live in London

Short & Long Term accommodation

Feel welcome to apply by email [info@homer-house.org] for accommodation and/or an appointment for a viewing. We particularly welcome applicants from creative, artistic, intellectual and from liberal(1) professions as well as mature students from higher or post-doctoral education on any of those fields. We also consider applications for mature individuals coming to London to advance in the knowledge of the English language.

Please detail in your email the following basic information of what accommodation are you searching for:
a) Full name of applicants, age, genre and nationality
b) from what exact date do you want accommodation?
c) for how long?
d) what is your budget in British pounds (per person, indicating if your amount is per week or per month)?

Nota bene: Homer House is a smoking free house, this means that smoking is not allow in the full extend of the residence (outdoors and indoors); regardless of weather and personal circumstances.

(1)The liberal professions include lawyers, notaries, engineers, architects, doctors, dentists, accountants, and many others.

If you are an artist or intellectual searching a future room in London for a particular project, visit:

Watch "Cities: How we live now"

How much cost to rent a room in London:

£250.- minimum per week (that is £1,083.- per month) a 12 square meters room in a building with other 500 roommates

As rents spiral in London, one company is proposing a solution. The Collective is a new block of apartments that acts like a giant shared house: small private bedrooms with communal laundry, kitchens, spa, cinema and workspaces …

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